Qt Jambi - Qt for Java

Qt is the de facto standard C++ framework for high performance cross-platform software development. Qt Jambi is the Qt library made available to Java. It is an open source technology aimed at all desktop programmers wanting to write rich GUI clients using the Java language, while at the same time taking advantage of Qt’s power and efficiency.

The technology provides new possibilities for both Java and C++ programmers: It enables Java developers to take advantage of Qt’s features from within Java Standard Edition 5.0 and Java Enterprise Edition 5.0 as well as later versions. In addition, Qt Jambi also enables C++ programmers to easily integrate their Qt code with Java by providing the Qt Jambi generator.

For more comprehensive description of what qt-jambi provides, see here.


Please see downloads page for downloads.

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Migrating away from Gitorious

TL;DR: As Gitorious is closing down as it got acquired by Gitlab, every project there needs to migrate away from there. Our choice is Github.

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Qt Jambi 4.8.6 for Windows

There is now a new release for Windows x86 and x64.

This release has been compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 so don't forget to install the Redistributable Package.

Besides using Qt 4.8.6, the existing installer script has been adapted to support this compiler, and a few bugs regarding the execution of the Examples and Qt Designer have been fixed, allowing for both of them to work out of the box.

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Qt Jambi 4.8.6 for Linux

There is now new release for 64 bit Linux.
I’ll do 32 bit package later, for Windows current builds should work, but updated packages will follow after
few Windows bundling related problems have been sorted out.

Most notable differences are bundling of libpng, so distributions not shipping the libpng the bundled Qt
was built with will continue working and bump to Qt 4.8.6.

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Comments are back

I just pushed new update to the website, fixing various site crashing problems,
and support for commenting posts. Now you can more easily tell if there still is something
missing or broken.

Old posts are also back on the site, special thanks to João Almeida for doing that.
I didn’t insert old comments to Disqus. Any opinions whether I should do that?

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New iteration of website

I don’t know how many actually frequently visits us, with our website updating so rarely and containing so little
information, but still: I just published an update to the website.

There is also new Mac OS X release, built by João Almeida. It can be found from downloads page.

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Newest issues

#328 New Anonymous 08.09.2015 00:00 Linux Open SSL Outdated
#327 New Anonymous 22.07.2015 00:00 Designer crash when opening UI with layout
#326 New Anonymous 22.07.2015 00:00 Designer crash when opening UI with layout

Newest feature requests

#322 Open Anonymous 09.06.2015 00:00 Maven repository
#315 New Sagen de Jonge 16.03.2015 00:00 Qt 5.x Support
#301 New João Almeida 05.05.2014 00:00 Testing and feedback of building with jumptable enabled
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