Contribute to Qt Jambi

This page has resources related to Qt Jambi development and contributing to it. If you want material related how to create programs with Jambi, see here.

Common questions about contributions

There is not, due lack of questions, extensive question database about development. The development team (including me, the horrible person writing these boring texts :) is eager to help with getting started and used to Jambi codebase.

There is some initiative of creating question database with answers. Brought by Openhatch and populated by developers when there is a question that is often asked. If your question is not answered by this resource or by this page, contact the devs to get your question answered and visible to everyone, please. Just asking the question there might not be really fastest way. Also tell us that the question might fit to there, we might be a little brick-headed sometimes, like every good developer.

This can be found here.

Bug tracker

Jambi’s bug tracker can be found here. It runs on top of Redmine. There is sometimes easy tasks for everyone to do marked with “Junior Job”, though it doesn’t mean those are only easy tasks to do. Feel free to pick any issue up, and if you are not sure how to do it, contact a dev to instruct you with it.

Contributing to Qt Jambi

First of all: don’t be afraid of contributing.

This is a open source project where everyone is welcome. We suggest you to bring your own ideas, will and work for everyone to see by contributing to this project. If you don’t know what you could do, you can always contact the developers and ask what you could do. Remember to tell them what you’d want to do, what you can do and such information, or you may end up with some ultimately boring task like writing this website (hardly ;) or testing, or something what ever needs to be done.

How to create good merge requests

Other material

YourKit supports Qt Jambi with its Java Profiler.


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